ARM Fintech consultant - Assisting Distributors to Connect and Grow Better

CIO Vendor The traditional financial distributor channel has historically presented investors with their greatest market opportunities, but optimizing this channel in today’s market is not without its challenges. However, most distributors find their investor relationships hindered by a lack of flexibility, information exchange tools and overall effectiveness. Paying a good heed to these requisites of the distributors is New Delhi headquartered ARM Fintech Consultant (P) Ltd that builds platforms and tools to assist Indian financial product distributors to grow with the economy. Since its inception in 2005, ARM Fintech has indulged in a dedicated practice that emphasizes on understanding the complete regulatory framework of the mutual fund industry and the simplification of existing financial planning process in India.

Following the shifting trends in digitalization, mutual fund industry too needs to explore and adopt latest innovations in technology to ease out the process of client on-boarding and cost effective transaction facility to increase agility and efficiency. ARM Fintech has designed web based tools focused to serve the distributors fraternity of Indian Market with regards to the aforementioned requirements. The products are completely aligned with the existing regulatory norms and are capable to capture the anticipated transformations in the mutual fund domain. “Our bundle has a prominent slogan for the financial advisors/planner and distributors of India: Go digital!” exclaims Rahul Bhagia, Director- IT, ARM Fintech Consultants. By adopting an integrated transaction system in association with NSE NMF II, ARM Fintech has initiated a ‘go digital’ drive among all mutual fund distributors in India while cutting down on the overall process timing, from client on-boarding to portfolio tracking.
Task Centric Apps and Tools
It is no surprise that Advisors and financial product distributors who used powerful historic data in the most exciting form won the investor’s confidence and saw credible growth. Following the same trend, the company has contributed in terms of smart calculators, MIS reports and data representations thereby making the investor community realize the power of volatility in wealth creation. ARM Fintech’s FinnSys App is a smart mobile app for the clients of the financial advisors. The app provides a portfolio snapshot of investors by seamlessly connecting the app with the FinnSys web system. Since the app is compatible with android and iOS, the users get the edge by using financial calculators to create financial plans, receive important alerts, notifications and market updates such as NFO/ Dividend announcements. This effective CRM module and client communication system helped the intermediaries retain clients thereby pushing the growth of assets under management (AUM).

ARM Fintech has initiated a ‘go digital’ drive among all mutual fund distributors in India

Realizing the impacts of demonetisation, rapid digitization, governance and regulatory initiatives, ARM Fintech is inclined to dedicate its services via dynamic and tech savvy mutual fund schemes. The company firmly believes in the execution of more than 75 percent of mutual funds transactions will happen via digital route, in the near future. Aligning to this change, ARM Fintech is all set to take advantage of this digital conversion of the Indian purchase system and come out all guns blazing.