Definedge Solutions - Trading Made Unbiased through Charting and Analytics

CIO Vendor Technical analysis is gathering increasing importance in the Stock Market as it brings greater awareness on investment opportunities and transparency in stock market transactions. However, in today’s chaotic and unpredictable market, technical analysis strategies do not always produce accurate results for traders. Headquartered in Pune, Definedge Solutions offers integrated financial services while committing to take the benefits of trading, wealth management and financial planning not only to the clients but to the society at large.
Since its inception in 2011, the company has been observing objective trading methodologies to develop process oriented trading models. With a thorough understanding of market needs, experience, and innovative tools and business models, Definedge has gained a stronghold in the Stock Market bringing more objectivity to trading decisions. This was achieved via Definedge’s flagship product, TradePoint, a technical assessment platform that aids traders to identify emerging trending stocks and potential risks. It plots precise one dimensional noiseless charts such as Point & Figure, Renko and Line Break charts to help traders become consistently lucrative.

TradePoint for Objective Price Conscious Trading
Designed with a score of market experience and research, TradePoint has capabilities to plot all conventional tools, charting systems and the entire array of noiseless charts, thus functioning as a one stop solution for charting tools. The scanning feature enables users to scan various trading opportunities that suit their risk profile on a real time basis thereby reducing the stress factor and making trading more equitable. Moreover, TradePoint’s Point & Figure Charting software ensures that the user gets reliable trading set-ups with affordable stop-losses while receiving exit signals that are based on patterns and targets.

TradePoint has capabilities to plot all conventional tools, charting systems and the entire array of noiseless charts

This in turn removes arbitrariness in trading decisions. With noiseless charts and TradePoint software, Definedge Solution ensures that any trending change in price gets due attention. The company continues to develop innovative ways to work on pricing and give its customers the appropriate product at best price.

Trader Mentorship Program
Besides developing reliable and advanced software for Stock Market Analysis, Definedge Solutions has also been focused on providing training services for Stock Market Analysis, Investment Advisory and Financial Software. By extending its Trader Mentorship program, live market training sessions, investment and portfolio advisory services and knowledge sharing initiatives, the company assists traders and investors to become beneficial by using objective methods that suit their tailored requirements. “Our consistent training products and handholding helps in explaining the clients a new dimension to the business of trading,” asserts Prashant Shah, Co-founder, Definedge Solutions.
The company’ technical analysts assist in shortening learning curve by providing the training on well-researched high-probability setups while converting the learning into a successful trading mechanism. Being a complete solution provider to a trader right from training to software and real time mentoring or handholding, Definedge Solution is gripped to provide quality solutions and training on Technical Analysis. With TradePoint, the company has endeavored to popularize the noiseless charts to attain consistent profitability and reduced stress associated with trade.