Finvasia - All the Tools You Need to Invest with Intelligence

CIO Vendor The rendering of financial services is changing at an accelerated pace around the world, with Fintechs reinventing the way business was traditionally done. The influence of technology on financial sector can be felt in India as well with Finvasia offering technology driven products and commission free trading setting itself apart from its counterparts. This was even recognised at Benzinga Global Fintech Awards held at New York, USA in May 2017.

Finvasia adopted a holistic approach while going digital and keeping all the constituents of its “take the middleman out” philosophy intact to create a remarkable customer experience. They offer a range of services at zero cost targeting average investors and making robo advisory, social trading platforms, AI based products serious options for these investors. The clients get a single window to view all financial products ranging from Stocks, Mutual funds, Derivative, Commodities, Gold bonds and closer monitoring over their save invest and grow objectives.

Finvasia believes customers keep expanding their horizon of expectations. They demand better services and more value for their money. Thanks to technological innovation, customer tastes, and market forces. By offering brokerage free investments and introducing artificial intelligence to trading, they will be able to attract large parts of individual investors that shy away from investing due to exuberant costs and limited market knowledge.

Further, their upcoming charting based trading tool SCALPERT, and AI based Social Mutual Fund Analyser for Research & Trading
(SMART)will allow investors to diversify in various asset classes and rebalance their portfolio in case of market volatility. Their offerings will have a real advantage, beyond the argument of a zero cost. It will help the millennial and old school investors alike to move away from investing in standard FD deposits returns to more technology based investments.

The company’s Algo trading offering is also gaining substantial attention of various categories of customers. Algorithms seek out and exploit small windows of trading opportunity, often measured in minute fractions of a second using middle ware, typically connecting through FIX – one of the latest protocols for faster execution. Finvasia provides raw framework to its users to simply select any of the technical indicators and build on “select and go” model without much need of coding background.

Finvasia adopted a holistic approach while going digital

Over last several years, Finvasia has been offering innovative technological solutions to both institutional as well as retail investors in developed countries. They are dedicatedly working towards creating a technologically driven commission free financial ecosystem in India. The company took its first step towards their goal on 15th August, 2016 by establishing itself as India’s first broker that offers Brokerage Free Trading. They plan to grow vertically and horizontally by adding all generations of investors and by brining technologically innovative products to India, targeting retail, NRI, HNI and institutional investors over the next few months. The company is certain to get the same level of response from Indian investors as it had gotten from their counterparts in developed countries.