I-darts: Building Time Critical Information Delivery & Analytical tools for Capital Markets

CIO Vendor With the growth of fragmented liquidity and higher volumes of real time market data, the capital markets firms ought to consume huge amounts of data from a wide array of market sources in order to cater the changing business bottom lines. The usage of common data across huge numbers of systems mandates the need for data quality and data governance.

Based out of Chennai, Darts India Private Limited (I-darts) specializes in building real-time capital market information dissemination systems for Stock & Commodity Brokers, Exchanges and Financial intermediaries. I-darts’ White Labelled Solutions help brokers gain competitive advantage and establish their own brand identity. They acquire new and profitable clients, retain their existing clients and increase revenues by stimulating trading. “Our platform is comprehensive and insightful making it an ideal destination for traders who use our Market Scanners, Charting & Technical Analysis tools, Trade analysis tools, Visualization tools, FnO specific offerings, Customizable workspaces, News and reports”, asserts Venkat, Co-Founder, I-darts. Exchanges use our products to help clients keep track of market movements and market activity.

Extracting Value Out of Market Data
Brokers face two major challenges: One is a high churn rate of Clients. This happens because clients log out from Markets when they lose money. The second is low brokerage because of cut throat competition. I-darts products help brokers address both these challenges. Clients make more informed decisions thus minimizing potential losses and therefore stay in the Market. Brokers position our products a competitive differentiator and avoid the pitfall of low brokerage as the only attraction for acquiring clients.
Delivered on SaaS based model, I-darts’ products make no trade off when it comes to accuracy, throughput and reliability. With pre-configured dashboards to readily serve a wide range of market needs, i-darts products can effortlessly integrate with any order management system to facilitate seamless execution. Moreover, as mentioned by Venkat their products are designed to empower active traders, Franchisees, Research analysts and retail investors with tools and insights to track Market movements, unearth opportunities and perform technical analysis.

I-darts offerings also include a light weight browser based HTML5 product that Brokers can deploy to serve a large cross section of tech savvy retail investors. The contemporary and responsive UI design with fewer but important tools makes it a great trading assistant even on a smart phone or a tablet besides laptops. Advance frameworks used in the product deliver performance and user experience that is not commonly seen on web based products.

I-darts’ White Labelled Solutions help brokers gain competitive advantage and establish their own brand identity

The company has recently integrated with one of the leading OMS/RMS to provide brokers with the competi-tive edge at an incremental investment. I-darts believes this would be a new norm where brokers choose the best of breed and offer compelling solution to clients. On the functional side, I-darts is focused on enhancing its offerings across EXE, web and mobile channels by leveraging areas such as Technical Indicators based scanners, Option strategies and Algos and Customer behaviour analysis. It is working on a common framework to offer more insights and less data through innovative visualization and event tracking tools. The company is working on a plan to establish itself as a strong player in the Indian market and making forays into Middle East and ASEAN markets.