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CIO Vendor Today, Digital is at the core of organisation’s visions, and presents an unprecedented scale of opportunities to grow their businesses, and service their customers. Economic turmoil, regulatory reaction, and technological advances are rapidly modifying the capital markets sector, making this an especially challenging time for capital market firms around the world.

Amidst these concerns, brokerage firms and asset management companies are in need of smart technology that can help them swiftly develop the scale and the scope of their business, drive efficiencies, and enhance their competitive position, while reducing operational expenditure over the long-term in this volatile industry. Coming to the aid of these organisations, Mumbai-headquartered Paramatrix Technologies brings forth a complete framework of enterprise solutions and service offerings to optimise business processes for organisations in the Capital Markets segment and put them on a Digital Growth-path.

Incorporated in 2004, Paramatrix Technologies has developed solutions that cater to the entire breadth of the Capital Markets segment, including Institutional Brokers, Asset Management Companies and Retail Broking Organisations. These solutions automate the Back Office processes, Risk Management, Calculation of Brokerage, Portfolio Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. “Paramatrix Technologies executes and maintains these solutions on the Application Managed Services model which has emerged to become the preferred model of engagement in the Capital Markets segment,” explains Mukesh Thumar, Managing Director, Paramatrix Technologies.

Enterprise Frameworks To Power Your Organisation’s Digital Strategies
Most organisations today still have legacy systems in place and are often faced with the need to integrate with, maintain or modernise them. Recognizing these demands, Paramatrix Technologies maintains competencies in both Legacy and cutting-edge technologies. Combining this expertise with a holistic approach, the company has designed a number of frameworks for IT automation in the Capital Markets space.
Enterprise Data Transformation Engine (EDTE), is one such framework that enables businesses to model the entire solution landscape and effectively manage complex data transformations. EDTE also provides a bird’s-eye view into data flow between disparate systems and thus enables faster project development.

Paramatrix Technologies brings forth a complete framework of enterprise solutions and service offerings to optimise business processes for organisations in the Capital Markets segment and put them on a Digital Growth-path

Furthermore, in order to support business by enabling the confluence of various data streams from different intranet-based applications, Paramatrix has developed a Cloud-based framework – CONFLUX. This serves as a mobility platform to allow the rapid development and deployment of mobile applications to the App Stores. CONFLUX also implements the necessary security arrangements that manage the secure access to the Mobile App and the Data.

Mobility and Cloud
To complete its service bouquet, Paramatrix Technologies has an in-house mobility practice and Cloud competencies on both the MS Azure and AWS, and provides end-to-end services ranging from strategy, design & delivery, to post-implementation support, to assist organisations in their digital strategies. “We have been dealing with mobile application development for a lot of clients in this industry and that has given us the required expertise to provide consulting services to our clients for mobility development,” adds Mukesh.

Having operated in the Capital Markets segment for the last 13 years, Paramatrix Technologies has gained adequate domain expertise and functional know-how of the practices prevalent within organisations of this space. The company hopes to utilize this expertise to contribute to advancements within the industry. Paramatrix Technologies has presence in the emerging areas of Big Data, NLP, AI, and the ELK stack. It also intends to venture into the new technology area of Blockchain, in the upcoming future.