Rupeeseed Technologies - Trading Solutions for Brokers to Retain Clients, Expand Market and Enhance

CIO Vendor Analyzing mammoth amounts of data from different sources across market is integral to success for any capital markets player. With the industry accelerating rapidly, one can confidently place a bet on integrated analytics tools to garner new investment ideas and trends that are capable of organizing information and recognizing patterns within them. Acknowledging this significant requisite, Mumbai headquartered Rupeeseed Technology Ventures Private Limited provides products and solutions for retail trading having enhanced UI, Simple to understand layouts and intuitive insights helping the clients to trade and invest better. The company has developed powerful analytics, which correlates with clients’ portfolio and trading patterns to provides relevant insights to clients helping them to invest objectively in the market.

In today's competitive financial environment, having innovative tools and business models that can bring more objectivity to trading decisions forms a crucial part of any trading strategy. By bringing in analytics and scanners in Mobile App (TickPro –Reliance Securities) for the first time in India, Rupeeseed has accomplished three things- created repository of various data sets (exchanges, fundamental, real time ticks), captured user behaviour and sending relevant insight to users based on trading and investing preference and portfolio holdings.

Rupeeseed have also launched a new product Assisted Trading. There are clients who want to trade but are clueless on how to start. Based on profile questionnaire and client preference, Assisted Trading provides relevant trading opportunities which are purely algo driven. “Assisted Trading is leveraging the power of smart phones and open source analytics component to generate timely alert and convert them to actionables” explains Sandeep Manoharan, Director, Rupeeseed.
Making an Impact through Competent UI/UX
The applications and solutions exhibit simple yet powerful UI and UX helping clients to understand and use the products and features in better manner. Clarity in the interface has also enabled traders to invest wisely based on objective parameters and methodologies rather than tips and gut feelings. While ensuring brokers are able to offer relevant products and use Rupeeseed offerings as a tool to expand business and bring in new clients, the company has brought in state of the art monitoring tools maintaining zero downtime and stable application.

Rupeeseed Technology provides products and solutions for retail trading having enhanced UI, Simple to understand layouts and intuitive insights helping the clients to trade and invest better

Rupeeseed provides end to end trading solution which includes Order Management System, Risk Management System, Mobile, Web and Trading Terminals for clients and dealers. Analytics and Robo advisory is weaved across all offerings and it provides consistent user experience across platforms. Rupeeseed operates one of the most robust and stable trading platform which has most of the backend operations automated with real time monitoring.
Rupeeseed products are meant to create a brand for a broker with an intent to acquire new clients, engage passive clients and create enhanced user experience. Having laid the foundation for analytics driven trading and enhanced robo and assisted trading as the key theme for the future, the company’s solutions and offerings has brought in objectivity and consistency in the way clients seek advice and take actions based on various insights and scanners provided by Rupeeseed’s algorithms. The vision of Rupeeseed is to empower financial intermediaries as well as clients and come out with innovative offerings which can help in expanding the market base.