Wisdom Capital - Committing to the Wise Usage of Investors' Money

CIO Vendor Due to technology-led disruptions and structural shifts involving regulations, Capital market has experienced a revolution. Online trading has effectually increased the trading volumes and liquidity while broadening access to markets and reducing the cost of intermediation. Based out of Noida, Wisdom Capital (an Online Brand & subsidiary unit of Ashlar Group of Companies) has been designing near zero brokerage and flexible plans to cater to online trading requirements of the investors and traders.

Wisdom Capital’s concept of “Free Online Trading and Investment Zone” is suited for regular, active and professional traders who trade in low, medium and huge volume as well. It assists them to save on brokerages while ensuring lower break-even point. “We earn revenue from Pro plans dedicatedly designed to satiate the active and professional traders. Our efforts are focused on creating a win-win situation for all our associated clients/stakeholders on one hand and ourselves on the other”, Deb Mukherjee, Director, Wisdom Capital.

Margin Trading
Being one of the rich leverage providers in various segments to connect more traders and investors, Wisdom Capital provides an advanced trading terminal to its customers without any cost. The company offers free brokerage in all segments including delivery and positional trades for retail traders who intend to invest in capital market. As hedging positions are essential for investors, Wisdom Capital ensures margin trading for small retail traders and investors to aid them to do the same.
Unlike some brokers offering free services in equity delivery to earn money from the same client in derivatives, Wisdom Capital provides free offerings in derivatives with the objective to hedge the trader’s investments keeping while keeping it 100 percent safe.

Wisdom Capital has been designing near zero brokerage and flexible plans to cater to online trading requirements of the investors and traders

Having a well established financial plan facilitates in maintaining an accurate balance between other competing financial priorities that comes along the way. For the creation and development of a well established and comprehensive financial plan, it becomes mandatory to review the assets, liabilities and other planning related to estate, taxes. Investment on a timely, regular and disciplined manner also forms an important factor. Wisdom Capital deploys the best-in-their-field advisors to work and coordinate with other professionals so that a trader can best handle the overall financial needs.

The company has a vision to provide the best services in terms of Zero brokerage/lowest brokerage, highest leverage and quality trading platform to investors as well as traders. Believing trader’s education as a strong point to grow, the organization strives to develop state of the art trading tools viz a viz Alpha trade and Trade eye trading software with lightening fast speed that works even in minimal internet speed. Having a network of more than 1000 Franchisee all over India with 12000+ satisfied customers, Wisdom Capital continues to pursue long-term relations with its customers by offering competitive business terms, latest technology based infrastructure and well-researched information to enhance their investment decision making.