Datacomp: Overcoming 'Black Swans' of Market with Comprehensive Asset Allocation

The complex and constantly evolving global economy is filled with sudden market shocks or ‘black swans’. It has eventually necessitated investors to reassess how to best achieve their investment objectives while managing downside risk. In this new investment landscape, simply investing in a single entity might not be enough and therefore, investors are increasingly considering additional sources of portfolio diversification. As such, Mumbai headquartered sales and wealth enablement company, Datacomp, offers a suite of custom multi-asset and alternatives-focussed investment solutions for financial advisors seeking turnkey programs and bespoke portfolios to offer the client.

Abhijit Ambekar, Chief Operating Officer

Designing Alternative Investment Products
Datacomp focusses on Multi-Asset Wealth Management tools meant for financial advisors and banks. Furthermore, the products encompass several features like online transactions for Mutual Fund, Back office with Empanelment portal, an investor app, and a distributor app as well. The solutions enable the distributors to maintain and manage distribution of mutual funds, allow the customers to operate wealth management portal, raise portfolio and transact on mutual funds through investor app. The flagship product Suite of Datacomp, Wealth- Magic, further transcends the aforementioned features to reality with its single end-to-end platform helping drive business across all Asset classes. Present in both, on-premise and cloud, the product mainly emphasizes on multi-effect platform handling mutual funds, Insurance (Life & General – Health Insurance, Motor Insurance), FDs, IPOs and bonds. Product’s Sub-Broker Module handles the entire landscape of a sub-broker starting from broker creation, their hierarchy management, assignment, allocation, the work item generation and the follow-ups.
Wealth-Magic has a sub-module that allows clients to manage various goals like child-education goals, and retirement goal, based on lifestyles, basically in all an efficient Goal-based Planning System powered by Robo Advisory services. The platform is well complemented with comprehensive up-sell and cross-sell tools enabling advisors to turn around their businesses rapidly.

Wealth Magic’s CRM module facilitates a complete 360-degree view of the customer. It allows the client to generate and monitor a potential lead and convert them to customers. Subsequently, once the leads get converted to a customer, it allows the entire customer servicing and triggers the raise and monitor request in dashboards. The dashboards collect critical data from live market feedback and several other value researches that are fed in to the system. The dashboard displays a complete portfolio of the customer, broker, and each sub-broker.

"The platform is well complemented with comprehensive up-sell and cross-sell tools enabling advisors to turn around their businesses rapidly"

Additionally, the robust Magic Form is another added feature that allows clients to prefill all the forms. With numerous forms to be filled in insurance and banking segments, Magic Form automatically captures core data in the system. These core data are taken from 10-12 core questions and thereafter, automatically pre-fills rest of the forms.

Seamless Investment Performance
Taking this holistic investment performance ahead, Datacomp has widened its reach to over 150000 LIC advisors, private insurance advisors, IFAs, and several network Partners. In the last 25+ years of its expertise, and along with deep Insurance domain knowledge, the company is inclined to extend its reach to Asia-Pacific region.

In the current scenario of Mutual Fund market, customers are increasingly seeking for a single utility platform which considers goal-based planning. Datacomp’s products and solutions have been described to be tailored for these rising mutual fund market provisions, providing the highest level of satisfaction and offering a holistic view of the entire investment performance.