Kalpataru Computer Services Private Limited: Breaking Stereotypes in Financial Solutions with Fresh Innovative Ideas

To help banks become more agile, bank Chief Information Officer’s (CIOs)should manage their portfolio of technology assets to emphasize activities that truly differentiate the bank. Besides, the very simplicity that underlies banking products and processes for savings, lending, and business services, renders the sector ripe for disruption. Based out of Mumbai, Kalpataru Computer Services Private Limited(KCS)is a software product solutions and development firm that offers IT solutions to the booming finance and banking sector. Given the headquarters’ location-India's commercial and financial capital, KCS enjoys distinct advantages with respect to the know how of market and product needs. In order to serve the Banking, Capital and Financial markets with avant garde software products, KCS was formed in 1996, and has ever since set benchmarks in software architecture, quality and timeliness of delivery. “Over the years, our products have been rated as gold standard for the services they provide”, informs Prashant B Sethi, President & COO at Kalpataru Computer Services Private Limited.

Striking Products for Complex Hidden Challenges
KCS’s workforce has hands-on experience with technologies across various operating systems like Microsoft Window Servers, Windows 10 along with Linux Ubuntu, Centos, IOS and Android with languages like DotNET, ASP.NET, AJAX, MVC, HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Cassandra, Visual C#, GoLang and Python. Combining their ingenuity and experience in a plethora of such technologies, this financial solution vendor has been successful in forging solutions for various niches like Capital Markets, Finance, Regulatory Technology, Data Analytics, ERP Suite (Supply Chain Management) and innovation based on new technology. KCS’s ‘DEBOS’ is one of the key products in the banking software folios, only second to Core banking. A flagship from KCS for Capital Markets, this product offering lays a unified experience for NSDL/CDSL Depository Back Office operations, finding its way right into the Business and IT of premier banks. A similar on-point solution, the CMFS Suite supports all aspects of the Collateral Management and Loan Management process. This typically assists Banks and NBFCs to tackle loan
portfolio problems like lax credit standards, poor portfolio risk management, or weakness in the economy. Pledge Creation and Closure being of highest importance in the product, integration with DP Back Office Software provides greater Risk Management ability. KCS’s CCR or Centralized Customer Repository- a Single point of customer detail for any organization helps them with de-duplication of Customer data. Moreover, PRIDE by KCS is an identity framework for Customer Information on a privately permitted Blockchain. PRIDE is a complete ecosystem which includes the storage, sharing and updation of customer records.

Prashant B Sethi, President& COO

"KCS enjoys distinct advantages with respect to the know how of market and product needs"

Having achieved such levels of excellence and recognition in this dynamic domain, KCS is venturing into potential future-building areas like Blockchain IPFS & Distributed Ledgers, Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning/Deep Learning and Automation Frameworks. With ‘Idea to Value’ in their DNA, KCS’s regime to grow has always been to ‘renovate the existing goals for innovations’. This means bringing in newer advanced technologies into the domain and helping clients realize their potential through R&D, developing techniques and setting startups. For one thing, financial domain players can expect several more innovative products and solutions from Kalpataru Computer Services Private Limited.