Market Cockpit: Building a Future of Intelligent and Automated Trading

Dasari Srinivasa Rao, Founder

The kinds of patterns that traders now have access to in finance are largely complex and underrated. Once already, transformation in investment trading occurred when‘Computing’ empowered the stakeholders to make huge numbers of calculations in a near-instant and track markets to shift rapidly. Now machine learning and AI trading systems are poised to foster a second industry transformation. Riding this transformational wave, is Hyderabad headquartered Market Cockpit, that uses high-end technology with dedicated servers and the most updated version of Java language to offer solutions that redefine retail trading. Market Cockpit’s products and solutions are completely automated without any human intervention, which scan and monitor every symbol of any stock/commodity and give alerts instantly with sound and popup notifications.

Market Cockpit builds Automated Trading Systems, Scripts and Custom Indicators with Expert Advisor for MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5 to aid traders find optimal profits in the Financial Markets. Besides, with Market Cockpit’s Custom MQL4 and MQL5 programming services, the company aims to empower individual Traders with customized solutions to suit their personal trading style. Few of the key features that has driven the product to success in the market are Automated Trading Signal Generation (unique design and
loaded with multi future Cockpit Terminal), and Unique Robo-Advisory that sends high accuracy signals on all Stocks, Index and commodities. With high accuracy and transparency, the trades are fetched from trading system and get listed on the product’s Performance Analysis Section. Market Cockpit’s Cockpit Terminal helps a trader to put his or her trading idea into reality by converting strategy to automate on their broker’s terminal. Moreover, this capital market domain player’s technical analysis software mechanically generates the buy sell signals with entry and exit levels. Its advanced feature of auto live trade scan monitors the symbols in real time.

"Cockpit Terminal helps a trader to put his or her trading idea into reality by converting strategy to automate on their broker’s terminal"

In the near future, the leadership team at Market Cockpit is planning to design its own multi asset Charting Software, and Trading Terminal, with artificial intelligent robots for automation and back - office software. This advancement is strategized for all brokers to reap the benefits of complete automation on the entire chain of trading process (i.e. starting from account opening KYC to Banking system inclusive of contract note generation, and accounts etc.). Market Cockpit also has works underway to offer services to overseas- countries/ exchanges. In fact, Cockpit’s Robo– advisory platform is scheduled to land the market and be available to NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange trades.

Under the able-guidance of the founder, Dasari Srinivasa Rao, Market Cockpit became the first trading solution provider to avail several multi-asset trading platforms with unique Robo- Advisory. With such accomplishments and endeavour to innovate, Market Cockpit is on board to make trading, a technologically advanced and seamless Process.