Supertron Electronics: Outsmart Competition

It is agreed that since technology is constantly revolutionizing every 5 years, there are new IT developments that change. Although changes in IT are necessary, understanding them and how they will affect the future of technology can be difficult, rather destructive for the business in obvious ways. There is no better way to practice innovation in the world of IT, so we are constantly faced with new IT trends. And that being the answer to why IT shape shifts every 5 years, we conclude that technology has a mind of its own, but it takes a great IT specialist to understand these trends and the problem statement. Right from start-ups to Fortune 100, IT solution providers are leveraging engineering pedigree and next-gen tech expertise to innovate solutions keeping them competitive. In the digital age, customer experience plays a critical role in business success. “With more power and information in their hands, customers now expect service that’s attuned to their needs and delivered where and when they want it”, enlightens V. K. Bhandari, CMD at Supertron. Headquartered in Kolkata, and established way back in 1993, Supertron Electronics Private Limited(SEPL is one of the leading Indian companies in IT product distribution and services with an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification. Celebrating a glorious 25 years of market presence, Supertron is currently slated to a yearly turnover of INR 3000 Crore.

"Supertron Empowers Its Channel Partners To Make The Most Of It & Telecom Revolution That’s Sweeping The Indian Market"

V.K. Bhandari,CMD
Founded by an industry veteran, V. K. Bhandari, Supertron is a leading distribution house of information technology and telecom company in India which has graduated from regional to national level in a narrow stretch of timeline. Supertron had set sail with the aim to provide cost-effective products and solutions in all areas of IT. Having started off with a humble capital, presently, the company has grown into a professionally managed supply-chain specialist. The distribution house has witnessed phenomenal growth with more than 20percent CARG over last 5 years. The company has a pan India presence with 39 branch offices and warehouses and 17 satellite offices across 29 states and UTs with 800 plus employees and a strong network of 27 service locations. Supertron’s product portfolio includes desktops, laptops, PC components, peripherals, memory modules and storage products of global brands like Seagate, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, D-Link, LG, Canon, TP Link, ZOTAC, AMD among others. The company caters to over 11,000 channel partners spread across the country. Such a remarkable success story of its strategic tie ups with more than 24 MNC players has buoyed the growth of Supertron and enabled the company to strengthen its position among the leading distribution houses in India.

Customer at the Center
Delivering great experiences, Supertron has always kept the customer at the center of everything, across sales, service, and marketing. The company believes that a an IT service provider gets only so much so credibility if the offerings are made easy for the customers, needs are responded quickly, and personalized service across channels are
offered, whether its point of sale, email, social, or mobile. And enterprises are already on the move on this front. Supertron focuses on all verticals through offering products and services associated with.

"Supertron Is Offering Its Clients To Reschedule Rosters, Voice Opinions And Unleash The Hidden Gems Amidst The Employees"

Healthy Channel Partner Relationship
With the rise of several high profiled brands across nations, logistics system, business practices, and other such streams are increasingly facing unprecedented challenges. Supertron has been encompassing the Indian market with the minutes of these channels to deliver one of the most unparalleled and transparent brandings across all formats of businesses. With a bouquet of leading global brands, a dedicated 24×7 logistics support, unparalleled on-time delivery and transparent business practices, Supertron empowers its channel partners to make the most of IT & Telecom revolution that’s sweeping the Indian market. An immense wealth of goodwill earned with years of ethical and transparent business practices, further add the stars to Supertron’s name. It is only obvious that Supertron enjoys a long standing relationship with most of its channel partners. Today, the Company commands a four percent market share and is growing faster than the industry itself at 25 percent.

People - the Most Important Asset
Valued as the most critical resource of any entity and organization at large, people are being developed, honed and upgraded to reach their full potential. At Supertron, the leaders believe strongly that people are the most valued asset. Despite designations and business cards, the company, for all practical purposes, is a flat organization. Putting it in a subtle way, Bhandari says that the bosses sit with their doors open. Every executive is empowered to take important business decisions independently. Logistics operators are given a free hand to reschedule fleet roster to meet delivery deadlines. Everyone is free to disagree. Everyone is empowered to voice their opinion. Supertron facilitates professionally planned development programmes aimed to unleash the hidden gems within us. Supertron is offering its clients to reschedule rosters, voice opinions and unleash the hidden gems amidst the employees. Therefore, the company’s attrition rate is below 5 percent, one-fourth of the industry average.

The empowerment of society is closely associated with the inclusive growth of the business agendas and societies at large. Even since its inception, Supertron has aimed for impacts that can sustain the time and gruelling environment and thus leave positive marks. “Inclusive growth is the Supertron way of working. Here leaving a social impact is as important as making profits”, comment's Bhandari. What started as an amateur initiative spearheaded by V K Bhandari, has today, taken a professional shape under the Supertron Foundation and aims to leave a larger positive impact on the society and environment. The Foundation acts as an independent CSR wing of Supertron and works in partnership with various NGOs to create an ecosystem that not only sustains but also enriches the live of the Communities it supports.

In the Horizon
“With the growth of economy of India, it creates opportunities for the growth of IT infrastructure & eventually that help IT industry to grow”, says the CMD. With IT distribution as part of their focus area, Supertron looks at both organic and inorganic growth prospective surrounding their core competency. Envisaging to establish itself as a leading value-added distributor and Supply Chain expert of India, Supertron shows brilliant performance over the past few years and is focused to grow in enterprise space through offering product, solution to our partners.