Wisdom Capital: Changing Online Trading Dynamics with Advanced Technology Solutions

CIO Vendor With the economic liberalization, Stock Market has become a preferred destination for capital market investors. In a world of interdependent economies, a recession in any part of the world can have a direct impact on the capital market investments worldwide. So, along with huge monitory gains investing in stocks also comes with inherent risks due to unforeseen political events, fluctuations in price of securities, continuous tax revisions and changes in interest rates. Technology has completely changed the dynamics of the Capital Market by providing more visibility and insights into the financial markets, helping investors make more informed decisions and reducing the inherent risks. And yet, capital market investors are facing many challenges owing to lack of comprehensive technology solutions which could provide innovative ways for online trading and well-researched information about the market trends to enhance their investment decision making.

Enhancing Decision Making and Risk Management
Wisdom Capital, a leading online trading solutions company offers wide range of investment services like brokerage plans, SEBI authorized online trading platforms and mobile applications for capital market investors and trading community to help them in better decision making and risk management. “We provide quality investment services based on meticulously researched investment strategies for our clients for the Indian stock markets including NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX. We offer absolutely no cost life-time brokerage plans for investors and traders for online trading with ample scope for customization. Our plans are uniquely designed keeping in mind the needs of active capital market participants dealing in equities, currencies, derivatives, futures, options and
commodities,” informs Deb Mukherjee, CEO.

Advanced Data Analysis for Secured Investments
Wisdom Capital provides online trading software equipped with stateof-the-art trading tools best suited for professional traders. It seamlessly connects with the share market to provide real-time information about the stocks. It has rich analytic capabilities to study and analyze past data and to monitor the market conditions in order to provide valuable insights to the investors about the capital market scenario. It helps the market participants to have a better strategy before investing in the market with in-depth analysis of the market data. The company educates the new investors about the stock trading, shares, brokerage and commission through its Wisdom Trading School. The company also offers 24x7 customer support services to investors to keep them updated about the positions of their stocks and shares in the market.

We provide quality investment services based on meticulously researched investment strategies for our clients for the Indian stock markets including NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX

“We are working on advanced mobile trading platform ‘Wisdom Pro’ to cater to the mobile savvy trading community. Wisdom Pro offers mobile based automated trading to transform the online trading scenario in India. Our objective in offering free lifetime brokerage plans is not just to facilitate online trading but to create transparent and investment friendly environment in the Indian capital market,” concludes Deb Mukherjee.