Global Financial Datafeeds: Advanced Capital Markets Consultancy Platform

Perfect analysis of stock market data is primary to maintain the equilibrium of the business ecosystem. It ensures timely and justified investments by traders all around the world and increases the probability of profits. If an individual is seriously considering stock market investment and wants to get good return from the investment one has to choose the right stocks for investment and for that he has to analyze the prospects of different companies and industries. A stock market consultant can help traders and investors do that more effectively and accurately.

Global Financial Datafeeds (GFDL) is a Nashik based professional Setup providing real-time data services to stock market traders in order to help them take correct trading decisions. Founded in 2009, the company aims to revolutionize delivery of Financial Data in India. “GFDL is authorised real-time (L1) Data Vendor of NSE Data & Analytics Limited (formerly known as DotEx International Limited), the info-vending arm of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX),” states Abhay Deshpande, Founder, Global Financial Datafeeds.

Market Expertise and Knowledge
The company is an authorized realtime data vendor of Indian stock exchanges so that one can build business on trusted and legal solutions. Their data distribution systems are reliable and proven and are backed by redundant networks. It is the only platform-neutral data vending company engaged in the distribution of real-time data of Indian stock exchanges for different applications. The company disseminates authentic, accurate and affordable real-time data with low latency having one second update frequency. Our real-time data integrates seamlessly with many international charting platforms.

“Our API solutions are affordable and offer hue savings in the form of manpower and financial resources. This helps our clients Total Cost of
Ownership (TCO). Our trading plugins offer a totally integrated solution for technical traders to place orders automatically from multi-symbol, multi-strategy and multi-chart setups,” expresses Abhay with pride.

With the delivery of low latency data that is getting updated every second, GDFL quickly became the preferred choice of the whole trading community of India in a very short span of time. Today, thousands of professional traders, funds, brokerage houses as well as individual investors use their real-time data products to make their trading and investment decisions.

Always There for Clients
NSE charges are very steep with respect to RT data (real time data which is being provided by Global Datafeed) with huge variance in price and delayed data. Also, some of the data providers in the country do offer at half the price but there are serious doubts on whether they source the data directly from NSE and not from free supporting sites like Yahoo and other secondary networks. Speaking about the good will of the company, Abhay concludes, “If you are a serious trader and cannot afford delay or downtime or do not like to be restricted with predefined set of symbols offerings (like most of the existing players in Indian market offer) then the right data provider is Global Financial Datafeeds.”