TaurusCap: Partners to Small & Mid-Sized Companies through Investment Banking & Wealth Management

CIO Vendor Mid-Market Segment, which constitutes the Mid & Small Sized Companies and Startups, is the growth engine of the Indian Economy.

TaurusCap is a mid-market and sector agnostic investment banking & wealth management advisory firm, addressing this segment like a partner. Started in 2011 by Mahesh Kabra, who started career in investment banking in 2003 with Citibank & IDFC. While large investment banks are focused on large companies, mid-market has always been under served, especially in terms of quality of advice.

Many entrepreneurs have benefitted by finding a partner in TaurusCap, they took advice from TaurusCap for fundraising, built a long-term relationship through equity participation by TaurusCap and personal wealth creation of the entrepreneur/founder through wealth management advisory by TaurusCap.

“TaurusCap is focused on advisory related to arranging, preserving and growing capital. Investment Banking vertical specialises in arranging capital, while the Wealth Management vertical takes care of preserving and growing capital” - Mahesh Kabra.

Helping MSME & Startups to Raise Funds
Entrepreneurs have a very few options to raise capital for the growth of the business. They can raise Debt Financing from Banks, NBFCs or HNIs, but it comes with its own conditions. Once that limit is exhausted they have to look at raising Equity. Equity Financing can be taken from Private Equity Funds (or Venture Capital Funds in case of startups) or go public through an IPO and raise funds by getting listed on stock exchange.
TaurusCap has advised companies and founders in this fundraising journey from start to end, and in most cases has become a partner by taking equity stake where they advised fund raising. This is a long-term partnership model that shows TaurusCap's commitment towards the relationship.

The MSME and Startups have great business ideas but lack funding, finding a right equity partner is very important and can be a defining moment for the company’s future journey. TaurusCap has played a pivotal role for many such growth stories of entrepreneurs. The MSME and startups need funds ranging from US$1-20 million and TaurusCap assists them in the entire process.

Hand Holding the Clients in Value Creation Journey
Entrepreneur / Founder create a lot of wealth on their journey in building & growing business, raising funds and in some cases exiting their businesses.

Investment Banking specialises in arranging capital, while the Wealth Management focuses on preserving & growing capital

TaurusCap’s Wealth Management team understands this and continues to hand hold Entrepreneur in protecting and growing this wealth. TaurusCap’s Wealth Management team takes on a holistic approach and sources the right investment products which suit the investor profile and helps him/her achieve their investment objectives. They focus on asset allocation strategy which benefits the investor across the market cycles. Focus always remains on SLR - Safety, Liquidity & Returns, and a right combination of the three is very important for future growth in wealth.

TaurusCap is always looking for long-term partnerships with their clients where they build a deeper relationship through investment banking & nurture them through wealth management services. The company has raised multiple rounds of funding for its clients and in the next 2-5 years its plans to have an equity stake in 20-50 companies, managing their wealth.